Building the Gold Standard to Measure Muscle Wasting

The Future of Muscle Measurement

Myolex is disrupting how to measure muscle wasting and its treatment caused by obesity drugs, aging, and sport injuries.

Revolutionizing Muscle Wasting Measurement

Obesity weight loss drugs will cause historic global muscle wasting for projected 150M people by 2030


Up to 40% of obesity drug weight loss can be muscle wasting loss.

Age-related muscle wasting (aka sarcopenia) is projected to grow to 200M people by 2050 due to global aging


Sarcopenia can lead to premature fall risk, the #1 cause of elderly injury death.

Current Muscle Wasting Meaures Fall Short


No gold standard and in-clinic only. 

Myolex Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM)

We built the future gold standard to measure muscle wasting


Provides quantitative data on functional capability while the muscle and subject remain entirely at rest.



Portable, non-invasive device that scans a single muscle in a matter of seconds.


EIM engages painless, active monitoring. 


One holistic measure of both muscle composition and infrastructure.

Why EIM is a Superior Muscle Assessment

Comprehensive & Holistic

Measure Single Muscles Painlessly & at Home

Evidence Based Success. Myolex by the Numbers

*Requires FDA Approval.

**In mouse model research study, EIM identified ALS muscle deterioration very early at 8 weeks, four to six weeks earlier than other clinical standard muscle measures.

Myolex EIM. The First of Its Kind.

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