Quantified Assessment of Muscle Health & Performance

Myolex Inc. develops devices used to assess muscle condition. Leveraging our large database of nearly 10 million muscle scans, Myolex’s patented technology, Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM), supports a vast and growing potential of applications ranging from elite athletics, sports medicine & physical therapy, medical orthopedics, and clinical research of neuromuscular diseases.


Using the proprietary technique, EIM, Myolex’s mView system is able to assess muscle condition and analyze fitness-related changes in the muscle, enabling coaches to design workouts with a better focus, and physical therapists to better diagnose, monitor, and advise on muscle injury. Currently used in a beta partnership with professional sport teams and top universities, mView shows how well a given muscle is performing, helps to prevent fatigue-related injuries, monitors muscle injury and recovery, detects muscle imbalances, and help athletes improve their overall performance.


Myolex collaborates with clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies to enhance their data-gathering capabilities for neuromuscular clinical trials, as well as to augment its own research efforts. EIM is used as an investigative tool during IRB-approved clinical studies of therapeutic treatments for neuromuscular conditions, evaluating the tissue’s health status. EIM is one of the “new non-invasive biomarkers” that the FDA has encouraged for use in drug development programs “in addition to established methods”.1

1See FDA’s Draft Guidance for Industry: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – Developing Drugs for Treatment over the Spectrum of Disease (June 2015), p. 44, available at FDA Draft Guidance DMD Drug Development.

Applications & Research

Myolex’s versatile technology has an infinite potential of applications ranging from clinical research to sports performance and physical therapy.

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