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Diagnose ALS Earlier?

Help diagnose ALS earlier, possibly as early as within the first 8 weeks, and then discover new ways to measure ALS disease progression that correlates to ALS survival? 

Quantitatively measure muscle deterioration?

Quantify a muscle’s strength and disease progression, including muscle fiber atrophy, the presence of fat and connective tissue deposition, and edema?

Improve patient diversity, geography, and compliance?

Measure all skeletal muscles non-invasively, remotely, painlessly with an ease to use muscle scanning protocol that can be done at home, by the patient or caregiver.

Myolex research has demonstrated that it has the potential to uniquely assist pharmaceutical clinical trials by enabling smaller, faster clinical trials.  

Potential Decision-Maker

In previous studies, EIM data have been used to help evaluate the efficacy of investigational muscular therapies.  Results from these studies indicate that EIM biomarkers may be able to help researchers reach an objective, early, go/no-go decision on a potential therapy with fewer subjects than would otherwise be possible with standard clinical measures.

number of patients needed for ALS trial

  • EIM (75) 30% 30%
  • Questionnaire (391) 90% 90%
  • Strength Testing (491) 491% 491%
  • breathing assessment (530) 530% 530%

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