// mScan for Pharma

Benefits of mScanTM

  • Use of mScanTM by physicians can speed a diagnosis, direct therapy and help improve outcomes.
  • The mScanTM provides a simple, accurate, profitable, diagnostic and monitoring tool for physicians.
  • Adds a useful new “health metric” (“MQ”) for muscles: like temperature, blood pressure or weight, with a quick and simple measurement.
  • Provides insight and superb quantification of a muscle’s health, as well as tracking over time any related treatment impacts and progression. Can at times replace MRI for muscle information, saving time and $.
  • Provides easy data access via HIPPA compliant cloud-based data management. 
  • Offers high-level analytics using machine learning utilizing hundreds of millions of existing data points.
  • Easily utilized by all medical technicians in minutes, given the ease-of-use of both the device and app. 

Pending FDA Clearance